Skiten bankes ut av hvite riddere

I Kanada vises man hvordan man skal gjøre det. Synd at det er feil person som får smellen, men slik går det når man lar seg lure av falske anklagere. Litt som UVA-historien altså. Der fundementalistene burde blitt sperret inne pronto.

Godt nytt år. Og husk, gutter/menn: alltid ta opp kvinner på bånd!

A man who stormed into a bonfire party with a handgun, believing his girlfriend had been raped by the men there, came out of the whole mess the worst for wear.

Janos Papp, 57, ended up being viciously beaten by the men at the party — who had not raped his girlfriend, it turned out. She had made the story up after her ATV broke down and she was angry the men at the party were too incompetent to help her.

Those are just some of the surreal-sounding details in a written decision out of Beauval provincial court in northwest Saskatchewan after Papp pleaded guilty to carrying a weapon for a dangerous purpose, assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm.

The incident began May 16, 2012, when Papp and his girlfriend of 10 years went for a ride on their ATVs after spending the day drinking and shooting guns for fun near Beauval, according to Judge Miguel Martinez’s ruling.

When they reached the Lac La Plonge dam, they found a group of people in their 20s drinking and celebrating a birthday. After a short visit, they left, but Papp’s girlfriend had to stay behind because of a problem with her ATV. Two men from the bonfire party tried to help her.

“It seems that Mr. Papp’s girlfriend became so annoyed with what she perceived to be the incompetence of her helpers that when she finally returned to Mr. Papp’s cabin, she blamed her delay on the young men,” Martinez wrote. “Incredibly, she falsely accused them of various transgressions, including telling a very drunk Mr. Papp that they had raped her.”

Papp took a loaded handgun and headed back to the dam, driving his ATV into two of the men when he arrived. After Papp’s ATV tipped over, one man hit Papp on the back of the head with a log. The group of men then swarmed him, “laying a vicious beating” on him.

The beating continued until Papp’s friends arrived, but a fight was averted when people realized a bullet fired from Papp’s gun early in the struggle had grazed a man’s cheek.

Papp’s relationship with his girlfriend ended immediately after.

The Crown argued for an 18-month jail sentence while the defence argued Papp should serve his sentence in the community. Martinez decided a conditional sentence order of 18 months was appropriate.

The first six months consist of house arrest, followed by another six months when Papp must abide by a curfew of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. He must also perform 100 hours of community service, abstain from alcohol and not possess guns.

Martinez noted Papp was genuinely remorseful, writing an apology letter as well as publicly apologizing to the victims and other community members in court. He has no criminal record and works full time, court heard.

“An unusual, but nonetheless relevant mitigating factor is that the effects of the beating he sustained at the hands and feet of the complainants were more severe than the injuries he inflicted on them,” Martinez said.

Kvinner lyver aldri – Finmarksversjonen

Nok engang, blir ei kvinne tatt med buksene nede og tatt i løgn. Løgn/falske anklager som ifølge flere radikalfeminister selvsagt aldri forekommer. All ære til dere alle. Og med pusekatt i bildet så vet man iallfall hvor Trine Skei-Grande havner hen. Mer kan leses på hennes egen blogg.

Hei, mitt navn er Julie Sjøveian Fredriksen! Jeg er en falsk anmelder, og neste gang er det en mann som skal anmeldes for seksuell trakassering falskt!

Falsk anklage igjen fra psykotisk vrak

Igjen er altså en kvinne tatt for falsk anklage. 150,000kr får hun sikkert allikevel som «voldsoffererstatning».

Nå kommer sikkert Vampus til å påpeke at politiet er en gjeng med kvinnehatere. Intet nytt under solen altså fra radikalfeministene.

Ooops, jeg hadde visst sex med han først, og så senere ble jeg «voldtatt».

Fengsel i 10 år for denne kvinnen. Eneste korrekte dom.