Nasrallahs tale 2 juli 2011

Etter at STL, ventet, gikk ut med tiltale mot fire personer med sterk tilknytning til Hezbollah så var det klart at Nasrallah ville komme med tale;

“In the name of God, the holy, the merciful. Peace and mercy be upon all of you. The nature of the latest events compelled us to hold a press conference, however, my [speech] will replace the press conference. We will be displaying videos throughout the address. I will not be repeating what I have already stated, yet we need to talk about new issues. Of course, the reason for the address is the occasion of what it is said to be the release of the indictment [of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)] that has named brothers in the Resistance.

This is the result of a process, which is becoming clearer and clearer after Israel’s defeat in the 2006 July War and also after the French newspaper Le Figaro reported in August, 2006 that the STL is moving toward indicting Hezbollah members. We assumed at the time that the tribunal was being used as a [retaliation] tool after the Resistance triumphed against Israel. We were clear in the past that we cannot disregard the STL because it is the result of a UN Security Council resolution and it has a purpose that it wants to accomplish.

You remember, we spoke about [the attempts] to distort the image of the Resistance and to incite a strife between the Sunnis and Shia in Lebanon. The timing of the STL indictment release has also a goal of its own that we will tackle it throughout the address.

The first thing we will talk about is the international commission investigating [of the 2005 murder of Rafik Hariri]. The second point will be the tribunal, which is headed by [Judge Antonio] Cassese, and who we are being told to deal with. The third issue [I] will be talking about is our position vis-a-vis the indictment of the court.

Firstly, concerning the investigation: The investigation is supposed to find the truth and uncover it. At first, [the investigation] intended [to target] Syria and its officials, then it moved toward [involving] Hezbollah in the murder. We mentioned the possibility of having Israel involved in the murder and the fact that [Israeli] agents were present at the murder scene one day before the murder. Question: Did [STL Prosecutor Daniel] Bellemare take into account the evidence we had spoken about? No one in the STL even asked the Israelis anything. This is normal, why? Because the tribunal, since its formation, had a precise goal and no one was allowed to talk to the Israelis. It is not Hezbollah’s job to conduct a full investigation and submit its results to the STL. Nonetheless, this [is pointless] because the probe is politicized. Instead of investigating the Israelis, [the STL] gathered information from them. Imagine that Israel, instead of being under investigation, it has become a source of information and [the tribunal] is cooperating with.

The people know that when Daniel Bellemare was appointed as the tribunal’s prosecutor and after the cancelling of the internal commission investigating the probe, employees were transported and taken out of Beirut. There are 97 computers that belonged to the internal commission investigating the probe which were transported through the Naqoura border crossing and taken [to Israel]. The question is: why does Bellemare want to take these computers from Lebanon through Israel? Why didn’t they ship them out of the Beirut port? Can Mr. Bellemare answer this question? We will show you a document that proves the computers were transported from South Lebanon to Israel.
Fourth, if this was a just probe, the investigators and experts would not be against the Resistance and they would not have ties with US Intelligence. One of Bellemare’s assistants is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative. All of Bellemare’s officers are not neutral and are not seeking the truth.

[A video footage shows information about STL investigators: Najib Nick Keldas, of Australian descent, is shown as having ties to the CIA.

Second, Michael Taylor, third Darell Mandeze, a former Marines officer – from the US – is also presented as having tight relations with the CIA and the FBI.

Also, Doureid Bcherawi, a Lebanese – French citizen, is the first one who accused Syria of murdering Hariri without possessing any piece of evidence.

Additionally, Robert Bear, American, former CIA officer who still has ties to the agency and who worked in Lebanon for years to track down [slain Hezbollah officer] Imad Mughniyeh.]

In addition to the probe’s lack of credibility, the investigators were corrupt, and justice cannot be served. We would like to talk about an example: Commissioner Gerhard Lehmann, [Former Commissioner of the United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission into the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri] Detlev Mehlis’s assistant, sold information related to the investigation and was corrupt.

[VIDEO FOOTAGE: Lehmann has ties to the Israelis and got paid in return for selling certain reports pertaining to the murder probe.]

Also, the investigation commission was linked to the witnesses who gave unreliable testimonies to the commission. Moreover, Bellemare personally worked and followed up on the mission to lift the international warrant against [the Syrian agent who allegedly misled a UN probe into the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri] Mohammad Zouhair al-Siddiq, because [the investigators] were involved in it.

This investigation was not secret, everything was leaked in newspapers. Is there any credibility left? There are leaks made by the STL’s investigative committee [to the international community] in order to distort the image of the Resistance. Where is the secrecy of the investigation? The worst thing happened a few days ago, when the STL delegation of investigators met with [Attorney General Judge] Said Mirza to deliver the indictment and at the same time, the names of the indicted people were being broadcast through media outlets. Did Bellemare investigate the way the names were leaked? I would assume not.

The second main point I would like to talk about is how the indictment is being politically employed. I think the STL indictment was released at this point in time in an attempt to obstruct the parliament in granting its vote of confidence to the newly-formed Lebanese cabinet. There is an aim to bring down the new cabinet. Furthermore [the March 14 parties] want to use the indictment as a weapon in their campaign against the cabinet of Najib Mikati.
A lot of rules and procedures used in the STL’s [investigative process] are very suspicious. There is no justice in the prosecutor’s office. Were the four Lebanese generals – who were detained for four years on suspicion of involvement with the [Rafik Hariri] murder – ever compensated for being detained?

Let us now see who [STL President Judge] Antonio Cassese really is. He is a friend of the Israelis.

[VIDEO FOOTAGE: Antonio Cassese, the current STL president, a close friend of Israel. During the 2010 Herzliya Conference [Israel’s primary global policy annual gathering], Cassese was described as a “friend of Israel who was not able to attend the meeting.”]

To the Lebanese people, who are hearing reports that there might be strife or war in Lebanon, I would like to say that there will not be conflict between the Lebanese, especially between the Sunnis and the Shia. Rest assured, nothing has happened or will happen, unless a third party will interfere seeking to spark a conflict. We are supposed to preserve [peace in] the country and prevent the STL and its indictment from reaching its goals [i.e. to spark a conflict]. Therefore, no need to worry.

I would like to tell the March 14 parties that you have the right to form an opposition…. but I have two pieces of advice for you. The first is to not hold the cabinet of Prime Minister Najib Mikati responsible for not being able to carry out the arrest warrants [of the STL’s prosecutor’s office]. Even if the cabinet was backed by March 14, it will not be able to carry out the warrants and arrest the indicted people. I don’t think that they will be able to arrest; not in 30 days… not in 300 years.

Second piece of advice for March 14: Do not ask PM Mikati to give up his goals in order to remain in power, just like [ former PM] Saad Hariri did.

Finally, I want to tell the supporters of the Resistance to not be worried; this is part of a war we are fighting since the establishment of the Zionist entity. For us, this war is not surprising and it does not affect us. We have been ready since the 1980s. We have to handle it as if it were something normal, they will not get to us. There will not be any problem, we will fight this bravely and firmly.

I also want to tell our supporters that there are some, including certain Lebanese figures, who want to provoke you. Some people are dreaming of it, especially some March 14 Christians. [Our supporters] might be provoked, but do not give course to these provocations, we must be patient and disregard incitements.

To sum up, this investigation and this tribunal were established to serve a political goal, the STL. Its rules and its president were selected to serve the same goal. This tribunal is American and Israeli, we reject it and everything issued by it. We consider it an act of aggression against us and we will not let it get to us and we will not allow it to incite strife in Lebanon.

If we act reasonably and wisely, I think we can overcome this incident. The expectations of the Israelis will not be met, the Resistance is firm and strong. Do not worry about [the Resistance]. Peace and mercy be upon you all.”

Oversatt av NowLebanon.

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