Gi meg sjansen så skal jeg rævkjøre Hezbollah

Ikke mine ord, selv om prinsipielt hadde det ikke vært meg i mot. De falt visst fra Saad Hariri i 2006 til den amerikanske ambassadør.

3. (C/NF) Seated in粑his funereal basement study, surrounded
by images of his late father and fidgeting nervously with his
prayer beads, Saad said that there needs to be «a different
ball game» in the South. Responding to the Ambassador’s
complaints about LAF chief Michel Sleiman’s recent 8/17 ‘Amr
ul-‘Amaliyyat’ (Operations’ Order) saying that the LAF would
deploy «beside the resistance,» implying tacit approval of an
armed Hizballah, Saad said that Sleiman is hardly in a
position to say anything else right now. So long as the army
remains militarily weaker than Hizballah, he said, the LAF
will have to maintain such a less-threatening posture. But
once the army has «some teeth and some morale,» Saad urged,
then he promises to «smack Hizballah down.» Growing more
strident (and clearly hoping to be recorded verbatim), Saad
assured the Ambassador, «Give me a chance, and I will f***
Saad also complained — as have others including
PM Siniora and Speaker Berri — that Israeli attacks like the
8/19 raid north of Baalbek only serve to buttress Hizballah.

Det ironiske er jo at det var omvendt det som skjedde. Til nå iallefall.


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