Nasrallah sine taler, 23 januar og 25 januar 2011

23 januar

“It was claimed that [Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) Pre-trial] Judge Daniel Fransen needs from six to ten weeks to [study] the content of the draft indictment [on the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri] submitted to him by STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare. We have noticed, [amid] the latest political developments, that the course of the STL’s indictment is being [hastened]. Assigning [a public hearing on Fransen’s questions about Bellemare’s draft indictment] on February 7 [illustrates this point]. It is required to use the tribunal’s indictment to serve certain political [purposes].

Leaking [information from the] STL investigation to magazines, television stations and newspapers has [been going on] for years. Bellemare did not do anything [about these leaks] because they served the aim of [targeting] Hezbollah and Syria. This party overlooked the leaks because they serve the main goal.
What is new [today] is the broadcast of audio-tapes [a reference to leaked New TV reports]. These [broadcasts harmed] the other party and the investigation’s credibility. Bellemare [suddenly showed] concern about the tribunal, [which indicated] – along with other previous evidence – that the STL targets a specific political party and does not [aim] to find the truth.

We began responding to the [STL’s] indictment. The first response was overthrowing the cabinet, which was unable to protect Lebanon and face the repercussions of the STL’s indictment.
There are statements that must be made about the issuance of the STL. We will make our statements when the content of the STL’s indictment is announced.
We will not succumb to imposed political [demands] after the STL’s indictment is announced. This is over. This is what we mean when we say that the stage following the [STL’s indictment] is different than before [the indictment]. This issue is over for us and is not subject to negotiation.

The second [topic is Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) leader] MP Walid Jumblatt’s stances. I want to thank him and the brothers in the PSP for his clear [decision] to stand with Syria and the Resistance, especially in the current critical [stage] in Lebanon… We appreciate Jumblatt’s stance, and we will [use] it as a basis for a new political stage of cooperation, as well as to confront all of the challenges that [will arise] in the upcoming period.

We in the [March 8 coalition] will request that the [new premier], yet to be named, forms a [national-unity] cabinet in which everyone participates. We are not calling for a cabinet that [excludes] any party in Lebanon.
We respect [the right of] everyone to be represented. If we disagree on whom will be the country’s premier, it does not mean that the opposition wants to [exclude] a certain party. The [new] cabinet must be cooperative, and it [must] work on [including everyone]. This is our stance…
Some say that if the opposition candidate for the premiership is assigned to form a cabinet, the privileges of the Sunni sect in the government would be harmed. Things are not that way.

We heard some [statements abusing] former Prime Minister Omar Karami. It is very unfortunate that these abusive [statements] were made by a [person] sentenced by the Lebanese judiciary [for] the killing of former Prime Minister Rashid Karami. I will not repeat accusations… Every Lebanese [person] knows very well that the [Karami] family is honest and patriotic… The [Karami] family has never been accused of [anything]. Any abuse of [this family] is abuse of all the Lebanese people.
All these campaigns were launched based on the assumption that Karami will be the opposition’s nominee for the country’s premiership…
Karami did not run [as a candidate] for the country’s premiership. He did not ask anyone [to assign him as PM]. He did not ask any local or regional political party to [make him] PM. He did not threaten [to do anything] if he is not assigned as PM.

During [the March 8 coalition] consultations on the country’s premiership, I called Karami and told him that we would need his consent if he [is named] by the majority of [MPs] for the country’s premiership… He thanked me and told me that he appreciates our trust, but his current health condition requires energy and effort, and voiced hope that we could find another [candidate] for the [premiership]…
[Karami] also said that if there was no other option, he would be willing to be responsible for this position… [I] then told Karami that we will stay in contact, and added that he was our first option. [Karami] has not inquired about this since then. I tell those who [verbally attack] Karami that this man must be appreciated because he [exemplifies] courage, integrity and determination.

[The March 8] parliamentary blocs and officials are still in contact. We will make our decision in the coming hours if the parliamentary consultations are definitely taking place tomorrow.
The [next] topic pertains to Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s [claims regarding] political assassinations… Different Sunni figures have taken the [position of the] country’s premiership… No one ever said when the position was transferred from one figure to another, that a political assassination [had targeted the previous PM].
The premiership is a position that [has certain requirements]… Talk that there will be a political assassination if Hariri is not named for [the country’s premiership] is… intimidation to the [March 8 coalition].

What has happened, and is still happening, is a political assassination of the Resistance – [the group] that is one of the most [important] in the region and that is protecting Lebanon today. It is not the US, the UN Security Council or anyone else that is defending Lebanon.
The army, people, Resistance formula protects Lebanon… There is someone who can prevent [the political] assassination of the [Resistance], but did not do so. On the contrary, [this person] worked to hasten this [plan].
We do not [aim] to [terminate] anyone. We performed our constitutional right to resign from the cabinet and overthrow it…We have to cooperate to overcome this critical stage. The country is targeted, and Israel is the one who has been [hoping] that Lebanon reaches this stage.

There are reports of an Iranian, Persian and Shia scheme [being implemented] in Lebanon… All these statements are misleading. We have always said that we do not seek [authority]. We have always said that our priority is resistance. If the [March 8 coalition’s] candidate [wins the country’s premiership], I hope the world would respect Lebanese legitimacy and constitutional institutions. [I hope] the assigned premier will be given the chance to form a united cabinet that works to serve the interests of the Lebanese people.

If Lebanon’s fate depends on one person, and if we do not know where Lebanon will head if Hariri [is not assigned as the country’s new premier], then this is a disaster. If any country’s destiny and dignity depend on one person [taking the position of the country’s premiership], this is [disrespectful] to the country and the Lebanese people.
We will go to the parliamentary consultations that will take place on Monday and Tuesday. We will [decide] whom the March 8 coalition will support for the country’s premiership tonight. I ask God that the Lebanese people and leaders choose the candidate who will serve the country [well].”

Oversatt som alltid av NOWLebanon

25 januar

“Brothers and sisters. On this occasion, I would like to say a few words regarding this occasion and the developments in the country and the region. Regarding the occasion, Arba’een [a Shia Muslim holiday marking the passage of 40 days following Imam Hussein’s martyrdom] is a reminder of Ashura.

God wanted the Resistance to be established in 1982 to destroy every US and Zionist project. The Islamic Resistance [was born] from the city of Baalbek to scream: Hail Hussein! Hail Hussein!

We recall [the past] days when it was said that Israel beats everyone. We recall the days in which our [leader] Abbas Moussawi came out and wore military garb and called on men to take part in training camps and join the Resistance.

Brothers and sisters, on the day of the resistant, we must address the [events] in the region. I hail the people of Tunisia who revolted and called for their rights and refused to be oppressed. We call on the people of Tunisia to unite and be aware [of dangers].

Yesterday, we heard that Mr. [Jeffrey] Feltman visited Tunisia. This is a bad sign. There is a new US plot being made [in Tunisia]. This must be rejected, because when the US and this sorcerer Feltman comes, there will be destruction. People talks about [Gilad] Shalit [the Israeli soldier captured in Gaza] and forget about the Palestinian people.

We say on this occasion… that from day one, we believed in Palestine and its people, and we will keep on struggling with [them] and fight [against Israel].We aim to cooperate with each other to cross this dangerous phase.

We sought to resort to constitutional institutions [in Lebanon]. In order to face the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s (STL) indictment, we practiced our right and the [March 8] ministers resigned. Then we took part in consultations to name a new premier for the country. A few moments ago, President [Michel Sleiman] appointed former PM Najib Mikati as Lebanon’s new premier. The battle over the premiership consultations was very strong. I would like to tell you that many [foreign powers] interfered in it.

Imagine that US Vice President Joe Biden called one of the MPs to pressure them [to vote for outgoing PM Saad Hariri]. We have reached this result, and I have said that we understand the anger and feeling of [Hariri’s supporters]. But I want to say something, let’s suppose the results were vice-versa and [March 8] supporters took to the streets to protest, we would have witnessed a [US] and global campaign to label [March 8] as coup seekers.

However, because [March 14] is behind the protests, they have refrained from commenting on it. Why [does the West] respect the will of [March 14] and condemn the opposition? This proves that [the US] is only bound to political calculations and is backing one coalition [March 14] against the other. In all cases, today, there is a new opportunity. Threats against [Prime Minister-designate] Najib Mikati will be useless.

Some leadership groups who know what they are doing seem to have an experience in forging facts, starting with the STL, false witnesses, [and now a] new forgery. [March 14] wants to start saying that Mikati is Hezbollah’s candidate, but in the 2009 [Parliamentary Elections] he was running [on Hariri’s list]. Saying that Mikati is Hezbollah’s candidate is a sectarian provocation.

In the last 48 hours, Mikati decided to run for premiership, so the opposition found in him an opportunity for Lebanon because March 8 did not want to enter in an battle [to abolish] March 14.The next PM will not be Hezbollah’s, nor will the next cabinet. This is only said to provoke [foreign powers] against Lebanon, [including] the US and Israel.

I wish for those to stop forging, because it will not yield results. We are not power seekers. Until 2005, [Hezbollah] did not take part in any cabinet.

We never asked for a ministerial portfolio. All we asked for [we did as a Resistance]. We did our best to defend the country and [liberate] its land.

We want two things from you: 1- Leave us alone, we do not want you to plot against us or backstab us. We are going to die in the South… but leave us alone. Let us be killed by gunshots pointed at our chest, not our backs. In the past years, what did [the Hariri cabinet] do for the North, Akkar, etc.?

People go sleep while we train because we believe that there will be transformations in the region, because we believe that the Palestinian people are at the riskiest of phases [right now].

Because since 2005, [March 14] went to Washington and made commitments and are plotting against the Resistance. You asked for the [2006] July War on Lebanon and today comes the STL project to get rid of the Resistance, but you will fail. The biggest forgery and lie is to accuse Hezbollah of wanting to control the country… and impose the Persian project.

This talk will not yield results. As for Hezbollah, we have a vision. We support Mikati and we ask him to form a national unity cabinet. We do not want a victor or a loser. Rejecting to take part in the next cabinet means that [March 14] wants to rule the country alone. We have a lot of problems regarding [March 14]’s fiscal projects. It is up to the Lebanese. If [we] do not seek to form a national unity cabinet, where are [we] taking the country?

The world does not have a time for you. Let us not waste time. Regarding the threats that the cabinet is being led by Hezbollah, what [do you think] Israel will do in Lebanon [afterwards]?

The army, people and Resistance of Lebanon [protect the country]. [All three] are there and ready. The balance of deterrence that [was created in Lebanon] by the Resistance protects Lebanon. The chance is there for anyone. Those who do not want to take part in the next cabinet should give Mikati at least a year.

But those who want to protest in the streets want to say: Me or no one else. You are asked to be wise, patient… Hussein will keep on calling for you to confront Israel and the US. We want to tell the Hussein that we will not be cheap in bloodshed. Hail Hussein. Hail Hussein.”

Oversatt av NOWLebanon


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