Saad Hariri sin tale 20 januar 2011

Saad Hariri sin tale 4 dager etter Nasrallah.

“Brothers and sisters, friends, 6 years ago, I entered the Lebanese political life. This would not have happened without the terrorist crime that killed former PM Rafik Hariri and his companions. I made the decision with my family to enter [politics] to pursue Rafik Hariri’s path, and to uncover the truth behind the assassinations of Lebanese political figures. Preserving Rafik Hariri’s political heritage and [committing to the truth] is a way to achieve justice in Lebanon. I vow that I will not give up on this. Today, we’re at a crossroads.

I have announced that the dignity of my family and people is more precious [than anything], and based on how I have been raised, it will drive me to be more committed. One drop of the blood of Lebanese citizens is more precious than [anything else]. We have to determine where we should move and [what path] to follow in Lebanon.

We, the leaders of Lebanon, hold the destiny of Lebanon. It is not true that foreign plans drive us to the abyss. If Lebanon’s leaders decide to back the country away from the abyss, the country will remain. Taking to the streets is [not a nationalistic] rhetoric. We decided not to take to the streets… because we [are committed] to the constitution.

I made efforts in the past month, and God knows, I tried to prevent strife in the country. I made one initiative after another and one sacrifice after another. I saw a way to help end the impasse in [the efforts of] Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Unfortunately [Saudi-Syrian] efforts failed. A diplomatic movement was re-launched based on the Saudi-Syrian talks, which [led into the visits of Turkish and Qatari officials on Tuesday].

I [feel the need] to address all the Lebanese to say that we have reached the level of martyrdom. I decided to commit to a compromise in order to preserve coexistence. But once again, [the March 8 coalition] informed Qatari and Turkish officials that [their party is against] renaming Saad Hariri for premiership. [They] want to [kick] Saad Hariri out of politics.
If [March 8 wants] to kick Hariri out of the premiership, then fine.

We will take part in the consultations for premiership nominations that will be held by President [Michel Sleiman] next Monday, and we will commit to my candidacy as prime minister. The most important thing is that [parties] adhere to the constitution.

I have lived 39 years of my life in a country that swings between unity and division, war and peace, reassurance and worry. Today, I look for salvation from this distress. I have faced confrontation due to my position in politics, which is similar to the circumstances faced by my father. We belong to a national school, called ‘The Rafik Hariri School,’ which chooses to follow the path of truth and justice. They managed to [kill Rafik Hariri], but they were not able to kill coexistence.

Strife is not the price of achieving justice and truth [behind the Rafik Hariri murder]. We did not make all these sacrifices and support economic development in order to submit to strife. Our political system does not and will not mean anything if we deliver a future of turmoil to our children. The priorities of the people will remain our primary concern. Oppression will not prevent me from pursuing the path. Long live Lebanon [and its people].”

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